By the time of our May 2023 Rally rolls around it will have been over 3 years since the COVID-19 pandemic turned our lives upside down and caused the cancellation of most or all the Brigade Rallies 2 years running. We can’t control what the future will bring, but we recognize that individuals may still be reluctant when it comes to participating in larger gatherings. Concerns range from individuals own health risk factors, travel mode (air) to attend and an individual’s right to their Health Privacy. As a story of optimism, our own LO’L District held a full convention on the weekend of October 15th and there have been no reported incidents of anyone contracting COVID as a result. There were approximately 430 people in attendance and Masks were not required. The District board did have a COVID Policy which included a form to be filled out and signed by the participant. Please click here to download the form. 

You can bring this form with you to the event. We will also have the forms available to sign when you arrive at the hotel.