Here's the entire catalog of songs we've done at Northern Pines Harmony Brigade.

(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons

Arrangement by Clay Hine, recording by Kohl Kitzmiller

This song has been performed by many artists starting with Deek Watson & His Brown Dots.  Nat King Cole and Linda Ronstadt also recorded this sweet ballad.

Jazz Me Blues

Arrangement by Joe Johnson, recording by Tim Waurick

This is a great upbeat tune celebrating Jazz!  It was a favorite in several Brigades over the last few years and we think you will really enjoy this tune.  

Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Arrangement by Aaron Dale, recording by Tim Waurick

This popular Paul Anka song was arranged by Aaron Dale for O.C. Times.  You will enjoy singing this ballad!

Puttin' On The Ritz

Arrangement by Larry Wright, recording by Tim Waurick

This song features a Bass melody so get out your top hats and canes and start strutting to this popular Irving Berlin tune.  

Angel Eyes

Arrangement by Hal Maples, recording by Tim Waurick

Here is a sultry jazz standard, written in 1946 and recorded by countless artists, both instrumental and vocal. Some of the best-known vocals were by Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. Hal Maples was a member of the Ambassadors of Harmony, and this fine chart was adapted by Crossroads.

Between You and the Birds and the Bees and Cupid

Arrangement by Aaron Dale, recording by Tim Waurick

A 1951 country hit by Pee Wee King sounded like just the thing for Throwback. So they turned to Aaron Dale, who has arranged a bunch of country songs for Sean Devine’s quartets. The result is a hit that is just plain fun. 

Change the World

Arrangement by Deke Sharon and David Wright, recording by Tim Waurick

This uplifting pop hit made famous by Eric Clapton is the product of the barber-pop collaboration between a cappella king Deke Sharon and barbershop master David Wright.

Come Follow the Band

Arrangement by Steve Tramack, recording by Tim Waurick

Tim Waurick recorded this special arrangement on his solo album, Tribute. The song comes from the Broadway show, Barnum. You’ve never heard a more spirited march.

Good Luck Charm

Arrangement by Aaron Dale, recording by Tim Waurick

Immortalized by the ‘King’ Elvis Presley, this song is best recognized in barbershop circles as the sassy, upbeat OC Times rendition with a few modifications to the Aaron Dale chart.

It’s a Pity to Say Good Night

Arrangement by Rasmus Krigstrom, recording by Tim Waurick

Rasmus turned this classic (most notably performed by Ella Fitzgerald) into something that all of us can sing. Throwback recorded it and it was one of the highlights from the 2015 International contest.  Have fun and let it swing! 

Lazy Day

Arrangement by David Wright, recording by Tim Waurick

The Gas House Gang’s 5th album included this delightful pop tune, certainly not typical barbershop, but the kind of variety we had come to expect from this groundbreaking quartet. A hit from Spanky and Our Gang is sure to delight audiences.

Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)

Arrangement by Kirk Young, recording by Tim Waurick

This is one of Billy Joel’s most beloved songs. It first caught the attention of the barbershop world through the rendition by the Gas House Gang. Several Brigades have included this one before, including NCHB in 2007.