Here's the entire catalog of songs we've done at Northern Pines Harmony Brigade.

Mary Won't Marry Me

An original song and arrangement by NPHB veteran John Von Haden, recording by Kohl Kitzmiller

How often do we get to debut a truly original chart? Thanks to John and his blossoming arranging talents we have a nice swing tune that hopefully will catch the ear of other Brigades. 

Moonlight Becomes You

Arrangement by Ed Waesche, recording by Tim Waurick

This beautiful ballad 1942 became a standard recorded by many artists, most notable Bing Crosby. This lovely arrangement is the one we know from 2003 champs Power Play.

Ride the Chariot

Arrangement by many, compiled by BHS, recording by Tim Waurick

With a nod to tradition, this old time spiritual is very close to the version by the Far Westerners, a 3-time medalist quartet in the ‘70’s. Read the performance notes on the last page of the chart for an interesting history lesson.

Rock It For Me

Arrangement by Aaron Dale, recording by Tim Waurick

The Atlantic Harmony Brigade first brought this one to our attention by including it in last year’s package. The song was a big hit for Ella Fitzgerald, and has become very popular in barbershop contests, including the performance by Pratt Street Power.

That's Life

Arrangement by Roger Payne, recording by Chris Arnold.

This 1966 hit in the age of psychedelic music was Frank Sinatra’s ode to the ups and downs of everyday life. The HOTSHOTS included a  slightly modified version of Roger’s arrangement on their first CD.

Bare Necessities

Arrangement by Tom Gentry, recording by Tim Waurick

From the Disney songbook comes this fun tune written for the 1967 animated film The Jungle Book, sure to delight audiences young and old. The song has been recorded by artists as diverse as Alvin & the Chipmunks and as renowned as Louis Armstrong, Julie Andrews, and Tony Bennett.

When She Loved Me

Arrangement by Jim Kahlke, recording by Kohl Kitzmiller

Wait, did we just say Disney? This song comes from Toy Story 2, but it's not just about dolls. Composer Randy Newman has contributed many great songs that have found their way into the barbershop world. 14 of his songs, including this one, have been nominated for Academy Awards.

Cheek to Cheek

Arrangement by Ed Waesche, recording by Tim Waurick

You can probably picture Fred Astaire when listening to this great Irving Berlin song, written for the film Top Hat in 1935. We've added a bit more swing to Ed's solid chart. Don't you just want to get up and dance?

No, No, Nora

Arrangement by Clay Hine, recording by Tim Waurick

Back to back Clay charts isn't a bad thing. Four Voices sang this one on the way to their collegiate and International championships in the 90's. We modified a couple of their screaming high swipes to make them more accessible to mere mortals, but there's still plenty of room to ring 'em.


Arrangement by John Von Haden, recording by Randy Rogers.

This tune was Johnnie Ray's trademark song, spending 11 weeks at #1 in 1951, and eventually selling over 2 million copies. Recorded by other famous artists (Ray Charles, Crystal Gale) but also revived in the popular 1989 musical revue, Forever Plaid.

I Can't Give You Anything But Love

Arrangement by David Harrington, recording by David Harrington

This great arrangement has been around for quite a while, but it got new life when Ringmasters found it and came up with an extended tag with quotations from several other songs. David cleaned it up a bit for our use, while making his debut recording our learning tracks.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Arrangement by Joe Johnson, recording by Tim Waurick

How about some Elton John? Joe thought there just wasn't enough of it in barbershop. He preserved much of the original feel of the song, while trading the wide-ranging melody around among different voices. Yes, leads, it's not always about you.